At Recycling City Limited, we buy a huge range of ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal, taking unwanted recyclable metals off your hands and giving you an industry competitive price for your materials.

Using up-to-the-minute scrap metal prices and state-of-the-art weighing, we offer total accuracy for all recycled ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Each customers gets paid a fair price, with no exceptions.

We are based in Hampshire and we provide fast, free and fair mobile scrap metal collection services to commercial and construction sites and domestic properties. When you dial +44 7399 899589, you can expect a professional service, advice and a timely, usually same day response to your request.

We purchase polypropylene material in many forms; regrind, packaging, cases, baskets, sheet and caps to name but a few – please contact us if you have any material to sell.

We offer custom granulation of various polypropylene products as well as material testing in our laboratory. We currently offer testing services ranging from MFI tests to Tensile Strength and Identification tests.

To discuss material testing options or our other services please contact us.

Recycling plastic waste is a responsibility all businesses should uphold where possible, to reduce creating new ones and to help protect the environment. While the UK government has pledges in place and domestic waste collections recycle some plastic packaging, businesses use many different types of plastic and require separate disposal methods. Arrange collection and disposal of your commercial plastic waste with our professional services.

Working towards zero landfill is an important objective these days, particularly for businesses. Recycling plastic in the right way is a good step towards this, rather than including it with your general waste. It shows your clients that your company is serious about our planet and reduces your landfill tax.

Facts About Plastics
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