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About us

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Recycling City LTD

We are proud to say, that most of our work comes from the word of mouth and private recommendations. To us, our company reputation is of the outmost importance. This is why we only take on jobs only when certain that we can carry them out the way that we would like to be serviced ourselves. To grow and excel, we listen to our customers’ expectations and feedback. We seek advice from our colleagues not to let things get out of hands. What we cannot do, we will outsource to one of our long term partners.

We are passionate about what our business values and we are devoted to achieving common goals, growth and success. To our customers this means consistent approach and highest customer service at all times. We are prepared to invest our time and effort, to go that extra mile to make our business recognisable and sustainable. To us, family is loyalty, and we remain loyal to both our company and our clients.

We are based in Hampshire and we provide fast, free and fair mobile scrap metal collection services to commercial and construction sites and domestic properties. When you dial +44 7399 899589, you can expect a professional service, advice and a timely, usually same day response to your request.

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